Artist Craig David creates in a spectrum of media including stone sculpture, public environmental installations and mosaic murals.

In recent years Craig David's major artistic endeavors have been in the development and creation of "public" works of art. These projects include environmental site works fabricated in stone, steel and landscape. Craig's desire to create art with meaning, beyond pure aesthetics and technical ideas, compels him to work with and respond to communities and individuals, making these works truly collaborative in nature. Thus his work embodies historical, emotional and spiritual content through the creation of iconography and mythologies that individuals and communities can identify with and come to call their own.

Craig's fine arts studies were completed at the University of Oregon, where he received a Master of Fine Arts in Painting.

Craig continues to create and exhibit two dimensional works in oil, mosaic and three dimensional works in stone. He also works as a professional landscape/garden designer.

Craig David
Mosaic - Public Art Works

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